Gastric Balloon

The gastric balloon, which is a worldwide practice clinically proven to reduce excess weight, has been successfully used in Europe and Asia for the last 15 years. Its use in harmony with the behavior change program and diet helps to acquire a healthy and aesthetic appearance as a result of weight loss besides maintaining this gaining.

The gastric balloon, also known as intragastric balloon, is a new generation weight loss procedure. The Balloon, which is placed by the endoscopic method, is inflated with saline (saltwate) in the stomach. In this way, it allows the patient to reduce food intake, by taking up a certain area within the stomach. The most significant advantage of this method is that it can be performed endoscopically without requiring general anesthesia.

The gastric balloon consists of a soft and flexible balloon, an insertion tube, and a filling system. As a result of its being too large to pass through the intestine, the stomach feels full for a longer time with less food. In general, gastric balloon treatment reduces the portion size in a significant manner and helps the patient achieve long-term weight loss goals.

How Is Gastric Balloon Surgery Performed?

Before the operation, the patient is required to fast for 8-12 hours. If the person has also diabetes, the patient should not have insulin that morning. If there is any other medicine that should definitely be taken, the doctor should be informed. The gastric balloon is applied by the endoscopy method. First of all, by using an endoscopic camera, it is checked whether there is any disorder such as an ulcer in the abdomen, which poses an obstacle for the operation. If no abnormality is observed, the balloon made of a soft, flexible silicone elastomer material is placed in the stomach as deflated. When placed in the stomach, the balloon is filled with blue fluid through a small filling tube connected to the balloon and the operation is completed. The balloon begins to float freely in the stomach. This process takes between 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Since it is a special application prepared according to the weight that the patient should lose, how much the balloon will be inflated in a way that does not harm the person is determined by our obesity surgeons. Patients are made to rest after the procedure, and then, they are discharged. The gastric balloon can be left in the stomach for a maximum of 6 months. After that duration, it should be removed.

For Whom the Gastric Balloon Method is Suitable?

• Body Mass Index über 30 Patienten / Patientinnen,
• Menschen mit Fettleibigkeit und anderen Krankheiten,
• Patienten / Patientinnen, die trotz Ernährung und Bewegung nicht genug Gewicht verlieren können und die den Willen haben, gesunde Ess- und Lebensgewohnheiten aufrechtzuerhalten,
• Patienten / Patientinnen, die zuvor keine Magen- und / oder Speiseröhrenoperation hatten.

For Whom the Gastric Balloon Method is Suitable?

– The patients whose BMI is over 30,
– People who have also other diseases in addition to obesity
– Patients who cannot lose enough weight despite diet and exercise, having with the will to maintain healthy eating and living habits,
– Patients with no previous history of stomach and/or esophageal operations. The gastric balloon method is not suitable for the patients has/is:
– Gastritis, stomach ulcer,
– Previous gastric surgery,
– Larger hiatus hernia,
– Pregnancy and breastfeeding,
– Alcohol addiction
– Bleeding disorder.


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