Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that aims to eliminate congenital or acquired tissue losses, deformities and dysfunctions, and the correction of body appearance. In a general manner, it includes breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lifting, gynecomastia, tummy tuck, liposuction, arm and thigh lift operations, and etc. Except for those, plastic surgery operations for congenital or subsequent deformations can also be performed by specialist physicians.

The primary function of the plastic surgery is to bring an acceptable appearance and functionality to an organ whose normal shape or appearance is impaired, or whose function lost partially or completely. The origin of the “plastic” comes from the word “plasticos” in the ancient Greek language and “plasticus” in Latin. It means “kneading” and “shaping”. While usually the patient’s own tissues are used in plastic surgery operations, artificial materials such as artificial bone and silicone may also be used for repair under appropriate conditions. The meaning of plastic and reconstructive surgery is to restore the anatomical and aesthetic appearance functionally by reshaping the tissues according to the existing disorder, whether it is developmental or subsequent.

Plastic surgery operations can be performed on patients of all age groups. While the boundaries of aesthetic surgery operations, concerning almost every part of the body and addressing a very comprehensive area, have not been determined precisely, they are gradually expanding. The list of all aesthetic operation types operated so far is given below.

Aesthetic Surgery Subjects

• Rhinoplasty,
• Facial rejuvenation surgeries,
• Body contouring surgeries,
• Reduction mammoplasty,
• Breast lifting surgeries,
• Tummy tuck, face lifting,
• Areola reduction, nipple reconstruction,
• Eyebrow lift, Reduction of frown lines,
• Removing and lifting of the eyelids drooping, and removing under eye bags (lower blepharoplasty),
• Creating and enhancing the cheekbone protrusion,
• Corrective upper and lower jaw surgeries,
• Liposuction (absorbing fat with cannulas),
• Prominent ear correction plastic and reconstructive surgery operations,
• Gynecomastia surgery,
• Hair transplantation,
• Facial implants (cheekbones, jaw tip, jaw line can be highlighted by implants. Defects can be filled),
• Minimally invasive operations,
• Hand fractures and injuries,
• Tendon (beam) injuries,
• Replantation surgeries in hand area and fingertips,
• Nerve injuries, nerve compressions and beam transfers,
• Hand tumors,
• Congenital hand and upper body anomalies,
• Thumb reconstruction,
• Hand infections, high-energy injuries of the hand, lower and upper body area and genital area repair and restructuring operations,
• Rib cage and abdomen reconstruction surgeries,
• Pressure sores,
• Lower body restructuring operations,
• Badly and rapidly progressing soft tissue infections with the necrosis,
• Hypospadias repair surgeries,
• Genital (penis and vagina) reconstruction surgeries,
• Acute burns,
• Congenital syndactyly repair surgeries,
• Cleft lip/palate repair surgeries,
• In case of tissue deficiencies caused by accidents, for the areas where tissues are missing,
• In burns, and burned areas.


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